Linda Brewster

Many think the American Syndicated comic strip was created by a gentelman, the answer is no. It was infact created by Rose O'Neill a self thought artist


The stip ran from 1909 until 1938 and was called Kewpieville in the Sunday edition of newspaper across the country. The first printed literature created for young children which lead to many books. Her first comic strip was published in 1896.  Walt Disney American's animated film maker and was born in 1901 years after O'Neill's comic strip was published.


Learn more about Rose O'Neill. Creator of the Kewpie doll she went on be one of the first female millonairs in America. She was a philanthropist helping people all around the world.


Author Linda Brewster now living near Portland Oregon is available to give programs on the incrediable Rose O'Neill and her creation of the Kewpie doll.



Speaker for Historical clubs, girls clubs, schools, art clubs, comic clubs, senior citizen to those that remember Kewpie. Learn about Kewpie and the first comics for young children. Do you have a Kewpie?

Also available for phone confrences about Rose O'Neill the "Kewpie Lady"


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