Rose O'Neill: The Girl who Loved to Draw

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Rose O'Neill  lived before women were encouraged to have a career outside the home and when boy children did not start school until the age of 9. Girls only went to school to learn the needle arts. Rose had dreams and she work hard to become the highest paid illustrator in New York at the turn of the century (1900). As one of the first female millionaires in America she worked for the advancement of early childhood education. She developed the comic strip as a  means of providing  book, stories and comics for young children.


The Kewpie comics were first published In Ladies Home Journal in 1909. The dolls were introduced in 1913 as the first toy distributed globally. It is felt Kewpies big eyes influenced the Japans Manga character. Many of the dolls were manufactured in Japan. The Kewpie stories were based on doing “good deeds in a funny way”.



She found humor in family and community gathers of all ethnic groups.

Black and white Kewpie first distributed doll of color.
Creation of the Kewpies
Early Kewpieville Sunday comic
Family Party friends of Rose O'Neill
Family gathering

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Kewpie dolls black and white for all children - first black doll marketed in America

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Creator of  books and  comic strips for young children. Admired by Norman Rockwell, Thomas Hart Benton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Walt Disney to name a few.

First humorist to address the problems of racism, women's issues,  and humanize immigrants.

Rose O'Neill: Not Just the Kewpie Lady.


50 pages with full color illustrations. Covers the later years of Rose O'Neill life. Loved all over the globe for your art work, generous philanthropy and fight for the right for women to vote. She is an American original to

be proud of and celebrated.


Kewpie Role Call

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